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Rob Rankin (he/him)


Rob Rankin is an expert in all things technology, with more than 10 years’ experience helping clients deliver innovative results. Rob’s passion for building elegant IT solutions has led him to push the limits of cutting-edge technology while building immersive and intuitive web experiences.


Rob has developed and led IT solutions for numerous regional and international digital marketing agencies, charities, businesses and widely recognized brands. He has a unique ability to exceed client expectations by delivering projects that are best-in-class, adhere to the latest security requirements and are designed with the user journey in mind. 


Rob’s talents allow him to work on a diverse range of projects, including full-stack web development, CMS configuration, back-end software development, SEO, enterprise technology strategy and implementation, risk management and mitigation, system administration and security, cloud computing and more. 


Rob has extensive experience in the development of performant, WCAG-compliant, fully integrated CMS-backed, API-driven, or static website solutions. As a master of web standards and tools such as HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Webpack, Docker, REST, GraphQL, and MySQL, along with an exhaustive list of front-end and back-end frameworks including React, Vue, Tailwind, Gatsby, NextJS, Laravel, Yii and more, Rob can execute on just about any tech project imaginable.

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