Laura Foote



Manager, Finance & Administration

Laura keeps the wheels turning at CCGoodwin Consulting. With more than 14 years’ experience in accounting and office management, she’s anything but a typical number cruncher. 

From mastering Sage and QuickBooks to managing full-cycle accounting processes and overseeing knowledge management systems, Laura approaches every project with steadfast dedication and efficiency. 

Over the past decade, Laura’s enthusiasm and fun-loving spirit have made her the heart and soul of every team she’s touched. She has worked in a diverse range of sectors including agency, startup, boutique accounting and not-for-profit. With an analytical and inquisitive mind, Laura lives for problem-solving. She has an innate ability to find gaps and fill them, while also developing and managing operational processes at a strategic level. 

Laura holds a Diploma in Business Administration from NBCC and an Indigenous Canada certificate from the University of Alberta. She is based in Grand Bay-Westfield, NB and serves as Treasurer on the Human Development Corporation’s Board of Directors. 

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